There are more than 826,000 EMS Workers now serving in the United States.

An estimated 240 million calls are made to 9-1-1 in the U.S. each year. In many areas, 80% or more are from wireless devices.

Ambulance Accidents in the U.S.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a report in April 2014 that provided an overview of the number of ambulance accidents in the United States. The agency studied the number of ambulance accidents over a 20 year period from 1992-2011. North-Western National also conducted a recent study of 466 ambulance accidents.

Below are some of the key findings from both reports:

  • There are an estimated 6,500 accidents involving ambulances each year.
  • 35% of crashes resulted in injury or fatality to at least 1 occupant of a vehicle involved.
  • When injuries occur, there are, on average, three unique injuries per accident.
  • On average, 29 fatal ambulance accidents produce 33 fatalities each year.
  • On average, 2,600 people are injured in 1,500 ambulance accidents each year.
  • Of those killed in an ambulance accident, 63% were occupants of a passenger vehicle, 21% were passengers in the ambulance, 4% were the ambulance drivers, and 12% were non-occupants.
  • Nearly 60% of ambulance accidents occur during the course of emergency use.
  • Emergency medical personnel are at a higher risk of crashing when compared to other first responders.