My Bio...

You may be thinking...who is this guy?

I, like a lot of boys (and yes, some girls too), had thoughts of becoming a policeman, fireman or EMS worker or some kind of hero at times growing up.  I remember playing with my different Matchbox cars in the yards; digging out the grass and making roads in the dirt that didn't really go real far but far enough.  Though there were various cars, trucks and such, I usually liked playing with the police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances the most.

However, even with all that playing and use of imagination, for most it just ends up being just that...childhood dreams.  Well little did I know then what my future would hold.  In short, I have had the opportunity to do some of those very things in various forms.


As for police experience, all I can say is I was a Campus Security Officer in college.  I also have a family member who has worked his way up through the ranks to become a captain on a police force that touches Philadelphia, PA.  I am continually learning some from his knowledge and experiences.  With the involvement with both of these my love has grown over the years...for law enforcement, its personnel, and the many aspects involved in this profession.


As for being a fireman, I have no experience in this area except for what you will read below in working with them.  I highly respect them for who they are and what they do.  I have family members that have been fireman for several years now.


However, the one I have the most experience with is in the EMS field.  I was part of a local ambulance association while living in PA.  After spending a year and a half doing transports to/from personal homes, nursing homes, doctor's offices, and hospitals, I decided to move into the emergency side of EMS.

Yes, I loved most aspects of this field...

*  the opportunities to work in the back of the rig

*  the opportunities to drive (I still love using some of my E.V.O.C Training)

*  the adrenline rushes of calls

*  the variety of calls

*  the "Good" Calls... the ones that were not only exciting but challenging to deal with.

Yes, there were some aspects that were harder to deal with...

*  the paperwork... lol

*  the middle of the night calls

*  the "close-to-home" calls

*  the calls that involved children...especially those that were caused by the ignorance and choices of the adults in their lives.

* the "Bad" Calls... the ones that were not only challenging to deal with during the call but for some time after the calls (life-altering and ending accidents, suicides, etc.).

But the best and most rewarding part was helping those in need of not only the physical but also the spiritual areas of life.

I must also say that through these experiences it has given me time and experience in working with the other areas of Emergency Responses Teams...Police, Fire, Paramedics, Hospital personnel, Haz-Mat, etc.